Whisper Tarot 8 – Strength


8 - StrengthStrength is a card of the spiritual over the material, love over hate, the triumph of a higher nature. It indicates someone who has the ability to soothe others’ grief or solve their problems. It represents courage, will, quiet inner strength.

The model is my daughter Aspen, who embodies all of these things. She’s the overachiever of the family, a loyal friend and confidante, a little mother since she was old enough to walk.

Thanks to the following artists (all on DeviantArt except for infinity symbol) for the use of their stock. If you want to follow the link to the image, remove the space before the www.

Aspen by me
Rainbow and sky by billynikoll – https:// www.deviantart.com/billynikoll/art/Rainbow-429592516
Dragon by  elevit-stock – https:// www.deviantart.com/elevit-stock/art/E-S-Blue-Dragon-342143663
Volcano by iconmalleni-stock – https:// www.deviantart.com/malleni-stock/art/Tenerife-Stock-254-740704652
Meadow by CHOAMStock – https:// www.deviantart.com/choamstock/art/Context012-51356958
Infinity Symbol purchased from Shutterstock

Dragonborn: The Legacy Four – False Starts

Chapter 4 - Coranil with Note5E 19, 26 Second Seed

After Rowan and Dagur left the shop, Coranil thoroughly inspected the robes, checking every stitch, every secret pocket, every toggle. The Thalmor were pretentious, and there was usually some feature to indicate who the owner was; but there was nothing unique about these robes. They were identical and completely generic. But the fact remained: they were Thalmor robes, and they had been found within Skyrim’s borders.

As he was folding one of the robes in preparation for storage, a piece of paper caught his eye. It was lying on the floor just inside the door, probably dropped by either Rowan or Dagur. He picked up the paper and read the list of names, a cold chill running down his spine. He knew many of the people named on this list, but that wasn’t all. One of the names was his, or rather, had been his long ago. It was a name he’d abandoned, one he never thought he’d see or hear again. And depending on who knew it, that name could be his undoing.

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Dragonborns with Fangs Five – Surprise

Blanche and Selene had restocked their food supplies and made it out of Winterhold by noon. The sky behind them threatened a snowstorm, but if they moved quickly they would probably be able to outrun it, so they rode hard for a while. When it looked like they were south of the storm line, they slowed to give the horses a break. Deciding to rest in the evening and ride through the night, they stopped just north of Windhelm and made camp. They were close enough to town that Selene thought Blanche might want to stay at Hjerim for the night, but she shook her head.

“It is hard on them when I leave. I would rather not put them through it again so soon.”

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The Dragonborn’s Tale 23 – Cleansing the Stones

Chapter 23 - Selene and Brynjolf at Sun StoneSelene and Brynjolf spent the night in the Greathall as guests of Fanari Strong-Voice. A few of the villagers came in to introduce themselves, thank Selene and Brynjolf, and hear their story. They were fascinated with the Dragonborn and her defeat of Alduin, as well as the quest she and Brynjolf were currently on. The Skaal were unlike any Nords Selene had ever met. Frea had talked about how they lived with the land instead of from it, and talking with the others, Selene finally began to understand what she had meant. They took only what they needed from the land and gave back whenever they could. They were as likely to plant a tree as to cut one down, and they made a point of thanking the All-Maker for everything they consumed, even water.

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The Dragonborn’s Tale 22 – Back on the Job

Chapter 22 - Selene and Brynjolf with DragonWhen they returned to Raven Rock the next afternoon, the town was all but deserted. One lonely guard patrolled the town square, and he didn’t have much to say; he didn’t know what was going on, but he was determined not to let it keep him from his duty. Selene and Brynjolf went into the Retching Netch, but it was also empty. They made themselves at home anyway, settling into the room with the big bed and grabbing drinks—wine for Brynjolf, tea for Selene—from the bar. They relaxed for a couple of hours, making a point not to sleep, at least until they had visited the shrine of Kynareth, and had some cheese and dried meat (and a very large sweetroll for Selene) before heading out again. Sure enough, they found pretty much the entire town at the Earth Stone, working on the temple.

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