Lito’s Children

Front Cover 600 dpi

“You wield silver. That’s hardly a fair fight.”

In the year 1223, the Catholic Church establishes the Order of the White Guard to contend with unique foes that are a far cry from those of the Knights Templar: vampires. The members of the order are exceptional themselves. They’re garou—werewolves.

Ireland teems with vampires, more than any other country, and the House of Blevins stands between the creatures and their hapless victims. With weapons of silver, they are the scourge of the undead. Only one, a powerful and insane elder vampire, continually escapes their grasp, and stopping him may exact a terrible price. The volatile relationships of the garou set the backdrop for a spellbinding tale of good versus evil, logic versus emotion, and reason versus madness.


“The story caught my attention from the first page and kept me spellbound until the last!” – Amazon

“Spellbinding” – Amazon

Get the paperback on Amazon: The Order of the White Guard

You can also order it from me directly, and hubby and I will autograph it.

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