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Horror Writing Prompt: Morse Code



My response. I would love to see your all’s responses in the comments (no judgments on “your all’s,” please. I’m from Kentucky, and here it’s a totally valid phrase.).


I was conscripted into the military. We all were, really. The unit I was assigned to was being prepared for infiltration behind enemy lines, and I learned their languages. One of those languages I learned was a system of dashes and dots they called Morse Code, after the man who invented it. And it changed my life forever.

Ever since I learned it, I’ve heard messages in places that made no sense. The rain tells me to run.

.-. ..- -.

The treads of a tank rolling by tell me to hide.

…. .. -.. .

The drums played at a nearby temple tell me time is running out.

– .. — . / .. … / .-. ..- -. -. .. -. –. / — ..- –

Even the anchor chain of a ship in the harbor says to get away.

–. . – / .- .– .- -.–

This morning, as I look up to see two small planes flying over, a motorcycle goes by, and the engine growls that it’s too late.

– — — / .-.. .- – .

My world is suddenly filled with blinding light. When my vision clears, I see a strange cloud rising over Hiroshima. A blast of hurricane-force wind slams into me, and then I feel nothing at all.

I should have listened.

Pause . . .


I made a meme. The idea was the hubby’s, the stock is from Shutterstock, and the manip is mine. I may start using this as a template for my random musings. She looks like me, so it fits.

Feel free to share anywhere and everywhere.

Turns out the song
"The Men All Pause"
by Klymaxx
is NOT
about a woman
going through the change.
I stand corrected.

June Ends in Schardein’s House O’ Madness


Hello, all! I hope everyone is doing well. My life is still a roller coaster, but at least things are moving along. We’ve moved into the new house and gotten rid of the two old ones, and it’s my greatest hope that someday we’ll clear out :devchesscoach:’s family’s crap sometime this year so we can finally put our stuff away. Not to mention getting everything we want to donate OUT OF THE FRACKING HOUSE! Anybody need a fridge?

The good thing about his family leaving the stuff in the house is the treasure. We’ve found so many things that we could sell, but also sentimental items, collections, and office supplies out the wazoo. We will never have to buy paper clips again. Plus, she left us a sewing machine and a plethora of thread, yarn, fabric, yadda yadda yadda. I’m going to have to learn to sew.

Sasha is growing up fast, and she’s absolutely the sweetest thing. We recently got her spayed, and the Cone of Shame didn’t slow her down for a second. She has weird sleeping habits, though . . .

Napping June 29 2020

I got a new toy–a Canon EOS 250D camera!!! I’m going to start playing with it today, and I’m hoping to upload some fantastic (or at least halfway decent) pics in the near future. Wish me luck!

Also, I’m still working on my controversial ESO time travel fanfic. It’ll be a while before I post it; I’ve started too many fanfics in ESO and just sort of abandoned them, so I want to get a good bit of the story under my belt before I start posting.

That’s it for now. I love you guys, and I will talk to you soon.