A Nightingale’s Tale

Cover - Selene at WellIn the third installation of the Selene Stormblade series, Selene wanders for a year before deciding to join the Dawnguard. She stops in Riften for the night on the way, and, distracted by a gorgeous and smooth-talking thief, she decides to stay and join the Thieves Guild. The Guild is in a bad way, suffering from the effects of a years-long curse, and Brynjolf believes Selene can help get them back on their feet again. Guild Master Mercer Frey is distrustful but reluctantly agrees to take her on. When she begins to uncover treachery within the Guild, Mercer attempts to murder her. Follow Selene as she sets out, assisted by a daedric prince, a Dunmer, and her greatest love, to exact justice and make things right.

Characters and settings © 2011 Bethesda Softworks, LLC

One – Sidetracked

Two – Local Color

Three – Goldenglow

Four – Quid Pro Quo

Five – The Scariest Thing

Six – Going Away Present

Seven – Messages

Eight – A Chance Arrangement

Nine – The Long Con

Ten – Can’t Get There from Here

Eleven – Reunion

Twelve – Choices

Thirteen – Irkngthand

Fourteen – Eyes Open

Fifteen – The Pilgrim’s Path

Sixteen – Vows

Seventeen – Shades of Mercer Frey

Eighteen – Unrequited Love

Epilogue – Just Deserts

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