NaNoWriMo Days Two and Three

Day Two was great. We edited over 8,000 words of Clan of the Blood and wrote over 1000 new ones. I’ve also decided to add the short stories and fanfic I’m writing to my word count, because it’s all productive. So after adding in the 1,600 fanfic words I also wrote, I posted a total of 3,000 for the day.

And then there was yesterday, when I did exactly squat. It was a bad day.

I’m feeling ambitious today, though, so hopefully I’ll have better news to post later.


National Novel Writing Month begins today. YAYY! The hubby and I hadn’t planned on participating because we’re in the middle of a novel, but we decided instead of using the month to start a new one, we’d use it to finish this one. I’m not sure how we’re going to track our progress yet, but I’m looking forward to buckling down and finally finishing the first draft. Wish us luck.

If anybody wants to be writing buddies, my username is Whisper292.

White Guard on YouTube

BlackWyrm Publishing has a channel on YouTube called Friday Fiction, in which local actors do readings from their books. This week, it’s the hubby’s and my turn! They’re reading a scene from The Order of the White Guard.

WARNING:   It’s not the best excerpt, and there’s s a reason these guys are local actors and not in Hollywood. The acting is…well, let’s just say we’re not watching Hugh Jackman here. But it’s still pretty cool.

Here’s the link: Enjoy! Or just laugh your arse off. Link