Fanfic – Dragonborn: The Legacy

Cover Page - Rowan, Dolff, and BenHaving grown up more sheltered than their parents, even in the shadows of the Thieves Guild, Rowan and Ben Stormblade come of age and go into the world with an innocence that Selene and Brynjolf never had. Along the way, they meet Dolff, a prince with a compulsion to live up to a name he feels he didn’t earn, and Coranil, an Altmer with a dark secret. Will the lessons they learn with the Companions and the College of Winterhold be enough to prepare them for the threat coming to Skyrim’s shores?


Prologue – Coming of Age

One – Undead…Things

Two – The Operative

Three – Vilkas’s Dastardly Scheme

Four – False Starts

Five – Exciting Finds

Six – Shield Siblings

Seven – Leg Work

Eight – The Eye

Nine – The Staff

Ten – Busted

Eleven – Artifacts

Twelve – Unmelting Snow

Thirteen – The Prisoner

Fourteen – Coranil

Fifteen – The Coat of Storms

Sixteen – The Feather

Seventeen – Ben the Love God

Eighteen – Boss

Nineteen – Two Ruins

Twenty – Second Thoughts

Twenty-One – The Jailor’s Tomb

Twenty-Two – Vigil

Twenty-Three – The Bite

Twenty-Four – Ill News

Twenty-Five – New Blood

Twenty-Six – Coldharbour

Twenty-Seven – Rescue Mission

Twenty-Eight – The Cure

Twenty-Nine – Nocturnal’s Demand

Thirty – All Grown Up

Thirty-One – Reunion and Union

Thirty-Two – Explosions


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