The Dragonborn’s Tale Part II: The Gray Island

Cover Part IIAlduin is dead, Ulfric Stormcloak is High King, and Selene and Brynjolf are starting a family. All seems right with the world until masked cultists attack Selene in Riften, claiming her to be a false Dragonborn. Miraak, the true Dragonborn, they say, will rise soon and none shall stand against him. Now Selene and Brynjolf must travel to Solstheim to see out Miraak and top him before he becomes a threat to the world they have saved.

Characters and settings ©2011 Bethesda Softworks, LLC

Sixteen – A Second Dragonborn

Seventeen – Welcome to Raven Rock

Eighteen – Into Darkness

Nineteen – Miraak

Twenty – Miscarriage

Twenty-One – A Good Fight

Twenty-Two – Back on the Job

Twenty-Three – Cleansing the Stones

Twenty-Four – The Mushroom

Twenty-Five – Nchardak

Twenty-Six – Lost

Twenty-Seven – First and Last


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