The Dragonborn’s Tale Part I: Alduin’s Bane

Cover Part IThe pressure wears on Selene as she moves ever closer to her final meeting with Alduin. With the Divines at her back, she forges ahead, from the depths of Dwarven ruins to the majesty of Sovngarde to face her foe.


Characters and settings © 2011 Bethesda Softworks, LLC

One – Mission

Two – The Innkeeper

Three – Dragonslayer

Four – Soiree

Five – Search and Rescue

Six – Esbern

Seven – Sky Haven Temple

Eight – Harsh Words

Nine – Ravings

Ten – The Scroll

Eleven – Dragonrend

Twelve – Odahviing

Thirteen – Zu’u Unslaad

Fourteen – Big News

Fifteen – Justice

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