The Dragonborn’s Tale 21 – A Good Fight

Chapter 21 - Selene, Ralof, and Brynjolf with Dragon

Selene awoke with a small bouquet of wildflowers in her hand, and she smiled and held them close to her heart. If not for the occasional gifties from Kynareth’s world, she might have thought the visits were only dreams. But as she placed the flowers on the nightstand and felt the light fluttering in her belly, she realized it was no dream. It was real, and so were the baby’s movements.

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The Dragonborn’s Tale 3 – Dragonslayer

Chapter 3 - Selene, Brynjolf, and Alduin

Selene and Delphine were like oil and water. They didn’t agree on anything, and they spent a lot of time bickering. Poor Brynjolf ran interference as best he could, and Selene felt bad for putting him through it all; but she simply couldn’t stand the woman, and she couldn’t bring herself to be civil. She had to admit Delphine was a good fighter, though. They were attacked by a group of bandits just northeast of Whiterun, and the older woman really held her own. Brynjolf was the shining star in that battle, single-handedly putting away three of the brigands.

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An Orphan’s Tale Three – Alone

Chapter 3 - Selene and Farkas with Dragon

Selene walked through the door into a sprawling room with a fire pit surrounded on three sides by a big, U-shaped table and space at either end of the hall for socializing or resting. The crowd gathered at one end didn’t appear to be resting, though; they were watching a fight. Then again, maybe this was how the Companions relaxed. Njada duked it out with a male dark elf as the others egged one or the other on. They were pretty evenly matched, but it appeared Njada had the advantage. Selene watched the bout, which carried on for several minutes, until a rough-looking Nord noticed her and came over.

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