An Operative’s Tale

Selene 1In this sequel to An Orphan’s Tale, after leaving the comfort of Whiterun and the Companions in order to find her destiny, Selene receives a note from Ulfric Stormcloak, summoning her to the Palace of the Kings. He invites her to join his army as an operative–basically, as his personal spy. Selene accepts and moves into the palace, where Ulfric proceeds to woo her. She launches into an uneasy love affair with the jarl as she helps him lead the Stormcloaks to victory. But can she abide his abject prejudice against anyone who isn’t a Nord?

Characters and settings © 2011, Bethesda Softworks, LLC

One – Summons

Two – Ulfric

Three – The Crown

Four – Whiterun

Five – Checkmate

Six – The Caregiver

Seven – Diversion

Eight – Evicted

Nine – Time to Go

2 thoughts on “An Operative’s Tale

  1. Well, with everything I read fanfics for, there’s always one series or story that stands above the rest, and usually I incorporate elements of it in my own fanfics. this is the standout series from the elder scroll series


    • Thank you so much! Everyone likes to feel they’re doing a good job, and your comment really means a lot. Are you the same Stonecold that gave me a fave on If so, let me know. When I get some time, I’ll want to go out there and take a look at your work.


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