Skyrim Tarot, ESO Fanfic, and a Dilemma

Welp, as of today, I have completed all the creation and tweaking of my Skyrim Tarot. Still haven’t heard back from Bethesda with permission, but I’m working on the companion book anyway. I’m getting a lot of help from some trusted tarot sites and a good friend with a lot of Skyrim knowledge, so the book is starting to really shape up.

I’m almost done with Dragonborn: The Legacy. I posted the last big chapter today and only the epilogue remains. After that, I think I’m going to move on to some Elder Scrolls Online fanfic. The problem is that I have two stories in my head, so I have to decide if I want to write two at once, write one and hope I don’t lose the other one, or just abandon the second one. Plus, if I do that, which one do I abandon? Decisions, decisions.

If any of you guys have ever juggled two fanfics before, how did you do? Did you find yourself favoring one? Did you ever abandon one part of the way in just because you got more emotionally involved in the other? Or did you find that since you were dividing your attention, both fanfics suffered for it? Any advice fanfic jugglers have would be much appreciated.

Skyrim Tarot is DONE!

I just posted my last new tarot card. I thought it was kind of fitting that it was the Ten of Septims, which represents (among other things) completion and celebrating one’s accomplishments. What am I going to do to celebrate? I’m thinking of having a good cry. I’ve had so much fun working on the cards, and though there’s still plenty of work to do yet if I want to have them published, the artwork is done, and that’s bittersweet.

Now comes the hard part. I’ve mentioned the cards to my publisher, and he was receptive, so I’m going to show him the whole deck at a convention in April, and we’ll see what happens as far as getting it into print. In the meantime, I’m working on a companion book, which means more detailed descriptions, research, and even tweaking the cards. If anyone has suggestions for things that might be improved on the individual cards, they would definitely be welcome.

I can’t thank the hubby, my friends, and my followers enough for your support, encouragement, and feedback (both positive and negative) as I made these cards. If it wasn’t for you guys, I never would have finished the deck, and I’m so grateful.

Skyrim Tarot – Ten of Septims

Septims - 10The Ten of Septims is a positive omen. It represents accomplishment, hard-earned wealth and prosperity, and security—both financial and emotional. It implies close relationships with friends and family and encourages the seeker to celebrate his accomplishments with loved ones.

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