Skyrim Tarot, ESO Fanfic, and a Dilemma

Welp, as of today, I have completed all the creation and tweaking of my Skyrim Tarot. Still haven’t heard back from Bethesda with permission, but I’m working on the companion book anyway. I’m getting a lot of help from some trusted tarot sites and a good friend with a lot of Skyrim knowledge, so the book is starting to really shape up.

I’m almost done with Dragonborn: The Legacy. I posted the last big chapter today and only the epilogue remains. After that, I think I’m going to move on to some Elder Scrolls Online fanfic. The problem is that I have two stories in my head, so I have to decide if I want to write two at once, write one and hope I don’t lose the other one, or just abandon the second one. Plus, if I do that, which one do I abandon? Decisions, decisions.

If any of you guys have ever juggled two fanfics before, how did you do? Did you find yourself favoring one? Did you ever abandon one part of the way in just because you got more emotionally involved in the other? Or did you find that since you were dividing your attention, both fanfics suffered for it? Any advice fanfic jugglers have would be much appreciated.

7 thoughts on “Skyrim Tarot, ESO Fanfic, and a Dilemma

  1. It depends on my mood. I just worked through two, set in the same world and loosely tied to each other, so in essence, I guess it was like one big story after all, but I have juggled more than one fic before. It can be overwhelming, but also relieving if one of them starts to feel stale. Then I have something to fall back on when I’m not able to move forward as quickly on the other.


      • It’s definitely not as complete. And part of that is, in this particular instance, I didn’t really have a good plot holding it together. I think I’ve come up with one. Once work lightens up, I’m hoping I can get back to it and get it to where I can post it.


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