Sloth – Couldn’t Reach the Remote


Couldn't Reach the Remote

My entry for the Seven Deadly Sins contest on DeviantArt. Wish me luck. I worked hard on this, unlike Fred here.

Thanks to the following artists for the use of their stock.
Fireplace, grate, TV, TV stand, glass, remote, tile floor, and carpet all taken by me
Skeleton by markopolio-stock on DeviantArt – https: // markopolio-stock/art/Skeleton-Dead-JPG-40671944
Chair by Jack-Off-Jill;666 on DeviantArt – http: //
End Table by ED-resources on DeviantArt – http: //
Test Pattern by AliasPercival on DeviantArt – http: //
Cobweb brushes by tigers-stock on DeviantArt – http: //
Cobweb brushes by poisondropstock on DeviantArt – http: //
Cobweb brushes by fire-fuel on DeviantArt – http: //
Rats purchased from Shutterstock
Skull Wallpaper purchased from Shutterstock
Spilled Whiskey purchased from Shutterstock