28-DCD Days 9 and 10

Day 9: Deepest Kept Secret(s)

Coranil: Few know that Coranil used to be Ondolemar, Skyrim’s chief Thalmor justiciar.

Kaaley: Kaaley doesn’t really have any deep secrets. There is nothing in her past she feels a desperate desire to keep hidden, and she believes in telling people what she thinks and how she feels.

Day 10: Coping Mechanisms (How does your character deal with the world when it’s shitty?)

Coranil: During his time with the Thalmor, Coranil learned to withstand physical pain. When he is troubled, he tries to draw on exercises he was taught to endure torture in order to find his center. He also prays to Talos a lot.

Kaaley: Kaaley also turns to religion when she’s troubled. She is a lover of nature and a hunter; and when the world is shitty, she retreats into the woods, hunts, and communes with her goddess.

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