Change to Tarot Template, ESO and 28-DCD Days 7 and 8

So much to talk about today! First of all, after some permission issues, I’ve made a minor change to my tarot template, and I’ll be redoing every single one of my damn tarot cards. My followers will likely get a ton of notifications, so I apologize in advance for the spam. If I can figure out a way to do it without notifications, I will, because the change is so minor, people probably won’t even notice it.

Thanks a good friend, I finally got a beta key for ESO! That being said, either I’ve done something wrong, or the download is so big, I’ll never get it on my computer in time to actually make the beta test. Kinda sucks to be me, ESO-wise. It says it’s trying to download 21 gigs worth of game, more than twice Skyrim’s size, and I just don’t have the bandwidth for that. I wonder how long it would take if I took my computer to Panera Bread.

Now for the 28-DCD Challenge.

Day 7: Relationships [with any NPC or other character of your choice]

Coranil: Astonishingly, Coranil’s best friend is Ulfric Stormcloak. It’s a relationship that took years to develop, and there are still times when Ulfric is reluctant to trust him; but for the most part, they’re very close.

Kaaley: Kaaley is close friends with Elrindir and Anoriath in Whiterun, practically like brothers and sister, although rumors run rampant that she is more than just friends with Elrindir. She is living with them at the Drunken Huntsman, and she hunts with them often and shares a lot of heart-to-hearts.

Day 8: Sex and Romance, feelings in general, first time, other notable experiences, etc.
Coranil: In nearly 200 years, Coranil has never been in love. In the past, even when he was seeing a woman, his career occupied his time and energy too much for him to put any effort into a relationship. His only sexual relationship since he left the Thalmor was with Rowan Stormblade. They both agreed that there was nothing serious; it was just for fun—a friends-with-benefits arrangement—and they remained friends after the split. Lately, a certain high-spirited Bosmer has been doing everything she could to get under his skin. While she infuriates him, he also finds her strangely fascinating, and he finds himself keeping tokens to remind himself of her, something he has never done before.

Kaaley: While Kaaley is not promiscuous, she has never had any hang-ups about sex and has had several lovers since her mate was killed. Although it’s not intentional, she doesn’t often have romantic relationships with fellow Bosmer. They are usually Dunmer or human. She holds no love for Altmer in general and normally has no interest in them sexually, but lately Coranil has captured her attention. She loves to torment him by sneaking into his shop, stealing a worthless trinket, and leaving a single white chicken feather on the counter as a calling card. Elrindir likens the act to a little girl who punches a boy on the arm because she has a crush on him. At first she thought it was a silly notion, but Coranil is so often on her mind that she has come to realize maybe there is more to it than just mischief.

9 thoughts on “Change to Tarot Template, ESO and 28-DCD Days 7 and 8

  1. Sorry to hear about ESO, I got turned down for beta testing so I feel your pain. I am really enjoying getting to know your characters better. This did make me realize that, there are really no female Bosmer in Skyrim that I know of at least. What the hell is up with that?


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