28-DCD Challenge Day One – Basic/General Biography

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Dragonborn: The Legacy. If you haven’t read through Chapter 14, you’ll want to catch up first.

Coranil 1Coranil: Coranil, formerly known as Ondolemar, grew up in the Summerset Isles as the child of a priestess of Kynareth and a Thalmor agent and was groomed for the Thalmor from the time he was a little boy. Although he developed the ego of the high-born, superiorly bred mer, his mother tempered some of the normal cruelty of a Thalmor agent. His reluctance to carry out some of his harsher orders eventually got him into trouble, and he was sent to Skyrim as a punishment. After being separated from his mother’s influence, the teachings of the Thalmor hardened him over time, and he advanced in the ranks to become Skyrim’s chief justiciar. Still, his mother’s gentleness stayed in the back of his mind, and after many years, he did become disillusioned with the Thalmor’s cruelty and even came to have questions about Talos, a secret he guarded very closely.

When Markarth fell, he managed to escape, and on his way to the Thalmor embassy, he was contacted by a couple who were members of an order of Altmer who worked against the Thalmor. They were also Talos worshipers. They took him in, and he changed his name and went into hiding. Over several years, they earned his trust, and he eventually came to work for them. After a profound dream and other teachings, he also became a devout worshiper of Talos.

Although he is still a member of the order, he now works as an operative for, and trusted friend of, Ulfric Stormcloak, a relationship which took years to build.


Kaaley with Refined Leather ArmorKaaley: Kaawenyth, whose name translates roughly into “one of the white dragon folk,” is a Bosmer who was born Chorrol to parents who’d had to flee Valenwood when it became Thalmor territory. She was a member of the Cyrondiil Thieves Guild. She and her mate were captured by an Altmer wizard while trying to break into his lab to get some books they were to steal on a guild contract. Her mate was tortured and killed; she was tortured but managed to escape, killing the wizard in the process. She moved to Skyrim a few years later and tried to find her place in Riften’s Thieves Guild, but she couldn’t get along with Mercer Frey. After Selene became Guildmaster, she rejoined.

Although the broken bond with her mate was traumatic in the extreme, Kaaley is still a free spirit, not fond of authority figures, and “mischief” is her middle name. She made a name for herself within the Guild, but after a while, Selene saw potential for bigger things and recommended her to Ulfric Stormcloak as an operative. Essentially, Selene admired her spunk and her skill but got tired of clashing with her, so she pawned her off on Ulfric. Although Kaaley hasn’t been much into politics, after meeting the High King, she came to really believe in him. She works for him now, although she still does a bit of freelance thieving on the side.

10 thoughts on “28-DCD Challenge Day One – Basic/General Biography

  1. Replying from my dashboard. I generally don’t mind spoilers. I constantly spoil things (BSG, GoT) for myself and it’s never ruined anything. So, as I continue to catch up with your stories, I think I may also read along your character development stuff even if it means spoilers. Unless, of course, you strongly advise waiting.


      • Yeah, this is definitely one of those situations where I’ll be interested to see how this develops and I’m not too worried about the spoiler aspect of it. I’m a little curious about the decision to make Ondolemar’s mother a priestess of Kynareth. You know that I am generally in favor of breaking lore, but is there a specific reason for Kynareth? Because she doesn’t exist in the Altmer/Somerset Isle pantheon so technically there wouldn’t be any such priestesses in the Sumerset Isles and the Altmer don’t have equivalents to Kynareth (the Khajiit have Khenarthi and the Redguards have Tava).

        BUT, if there is a specific reason for Kynareth, I will put my curiosity aside and go with it. Because I find that aspect of Ondolemar’s background fascinating and I am excited to see what you do with it.

        And onward to the Bosmer, Kaawenyth (love the name). I adore Bosmer. I don’t do much with them in my story, but they really are my favorite race. I look forward to this new character of yours.


        • Thanks! I don’t know much about the Bosmer, and I’m enjoying getting to know them as I get to know Kaaley.

          I picked Kynareth mostly because she’s my favorite of the Nine Divines. I wanted Ondolemar to have a gentle mother, and I thought Kynareth would go well with that. And because I didn’t do enough research to find out there isn’t an Altmer version of her. *hangs head in shame* It’s very possible that it’ll come up in the story, and if it does, I’ll try to come up with something plausible.


          • I love Kyne too, though my personal favorite is Julianos because I’m a mage. I mean, a bookish sort of nerd, which is as close to a mage I can do given the limits placed on magicka on this, our Earthly plane of existence.

            The reasons (Ondolemar’s mother being gentle) are compelling, but (and feel free to ignore this) a more logical choice would be Mara, since she’s part of the Atlmer pantheon. And being the mother-goddess of love and benevolence, that might work. Anyway, it’s just a suggestion. Regardless, I’m curious to see how you bring this all together.


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