28DCD Challenge – Day Twenty-Three

2/23/13 What is your character’s alignment?

Selene will tell you she’s chaotic-neutral, but she’s not. She’s chaotic-good. She’ll obviously never be a paladin. She pretty much ignores the law completely. She is a thief and a mercenary by trade, and she will lie, cheat, steal, and kill if she has to. But she’ll jump to help a friend, or a stranger, or Skyrim, or the world if she’s asked.

3 thoughts on “28DCD Challenge – Day Twenty-Three

  1. Speaking as a life long paladin I have to say the stereo types about paladins being beacons of light is so false its funny, I never really got the whole chaotic good neutral evil thing from DnD but I am slow so meh. yah are who yah are and that’s all yah are says popeye the sailor man…toot toot! =)


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