28-Day Character Development Challenge

A few of my online friends and I did this exercise last year, in which we take one of the OCs from our fanfiction and answer one in-depth question about them for each day in February. We’re doing it again, and as a result of a poll I took, I’m actually going to do two characters this year: Coranil, who has figured heavily in Dragonborn: The Legacy so far, and Kaawenyth (aka Kaaley — which is pronounced like “Kayley” — yes, it’s a blatant rip-off from Firefly), whom I’m introducing in the next few chapters. WARNING: If you haven’t read up through Chapter 14 of Dragonborn: The Legacy, there will be spoilers!

I want to do a special shout out to Wilvarin-Chan on deviantART, who saved Coranil’s life and created Kaaley as a potential love interest for him.

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