The Dragonborn’s Tale 15 – Justice

Chapter 15 - Selene and Ulfric

Solitude was…crowded. Ralof had done his job, though, and they got Ulfric from the Palace of the Kings to the Blue Palace without incident. They arrived the day before the Moot, just ahead of Laila Law-Giver, who was last. Jarl Elisif put most of her guests up in the palace, but Selene and Brynjolf chose to stay at Proudspire Manor, where they were more comfortable. Besides, they had guests of their own. Half the Thieves Guild had turned up to reap the bounty afforded by all those wealthy people congregating for the coronation, which was to be held the day after the Moot. Selene also had a special project in mind for the Guild.

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Skyrim Tarot – Four of Swords

Swords - 4 REVISEDThe Four of Swords suggests a rest from strife, withdrawal, solitude, convalescence. Step back, rest and heal. Return to the basics. Meditate.

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The Dragonborn’s Tale One – Mission

Chapter 1 - Selene, Brynjolf and Ulfric

Dearest Selene,
Bring two or three of your stealthiest men and come to the Palace of the Kings as soon as possible. I have a job for you.
Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak

Selene Stormblade read the note several times, sure she was dreaming. Although she had told her ex-lover she would be there if he needed her, she hadn’t really thought he would take her up on it. Their lines of work didn’t exactly mesh these days. Then again, perhaps they meshed more than she realized.

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A Nightingale’s Tale Four – Quid Pro Quo

Chapter 4 - Selene, Brynjolf, Dragon

Selene spent the next few weeks getting to know her Guild brothers and sisters. It was a tight-knit group, but with the sole exception of Vex (and Dirge when he was in a bad mood), they were all friendly and welcoming. She found out very quickly that with a ratio of four women to eleven men, there was quite a bit of competition for the females’ affections. From the first day, she found herself fending off the advances of several Guild members. None of them were really pushy, but they were reluctant to take no for an answer. The only real couple was Vekel and Tonilia, although rumors were rampant that she was sleeping with Brynjolf. Selene got all the gossip from Sapphire, the woman Brynjolf had been with in the Bee and Barb the night they had met; she got support and advice from Rune, who was one of the sweetest, most open people she had ever known and arguably the only gentleman in the bunch; and she found lots to talk about with Vipir, who remembered her from Honorhall.

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