An Operative’s Tale Two – Ulfric

Chapter 2 - Ulfric

Selene bought a tankard of warm mead from Wilhelm and then went to her room, changed out of her armor into a nightdress and curled up on the bed with Liska and a book she had borrowed from the Graybeards. After reading the same page five times and still not remembering what she had read, she laid the book down.

“Ulfric Stormcloak!” she whispered excitedly to Liska. “He’s part of the reason I came back to Skyrim. And he wants to see me! I mean, he obviously went out of his way to find me. Or he just figured it out when the Graybeards spoke to me. I’m sure in Morrowind, some Dunmer looked up and said, ‘What was that?’ But by the Eight, Liska, what could Ulfric possibly want with me?”

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Eleven – Communion with Kyne

Chapter 11 - Whiterun from High Hrothgar

The door was lighter than expected and swung open easily, and Selene stepped inside, Liska slipping in past her feet. The entryway opened onto a small gathering space dominated by even more steps, which led to an altar and then on to a mezzanine level. Many candles lit the hall, and the air was pleasantly warm. The air of peace and calm was evident right away, and Selene instantly felt relaxed and reassured.

After she had taken only a few steps, four heavily robed monks entered the hall, two by the stairs and two from the corridors emanating from it. One of the monks who came down the stairs approached and stopped before her.

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An Orphan’s Tale Seven – Birthday

Chapter 7 - Skjor and Aela Underforge

There was no autumn in Skyrim. There wasn’t much of a summer, and what little good weather there was gave way to winter early in Frostfall. In Cyrodiil, Selene had been used to celebrating her birthday, which was 11 Last Seed, in reasonably warm weather. This year, however, a bitter wind blew across Jorrvaskr’s training yard and sprinkles of rain turned to sleet, stinging her skin like tiny razor blades.

“You know what Jorrvaskr needs?” she commented as she and Farkas sparred.

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An Orphan’s Tale Six – Lost Childhood

Chapter 6 - Vilkas and Selene Fireside

The first leg of the trip back to Whiterun was rough because it rained in the morning and they had to deal with a group of bandits that afternoon. Selene was in a lot of pain, her shoulder hurting so badly at times that she had to stop and remove her outer armor to relieve the pressure against her skin. By suppertime they were exhausted, but they had eaten nothing but rations for a couple of days and wanted something more substantial, so they set up camp and went hunting. They found a deer not far from camp. They crouched behind a boulder, and Selene nocked an arrow.

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An Orphan’s Tale Five – Holy Quest

Chapter 5 - Vilkas and Hagraven

The next few weeks were filled with routine, and the structure of the militia didn’t bother Selene nearly as much as she had expected. The twins trained her with swords, both one- and two-handed, and they worked with her on fighting multiple opponents and using her armor to protect herself. Aela gave her instruction with the bow. Skjor taught her battle strategy, and Kodlak offered wisdom. He talked a lot about leadership, mentoring, caring for others, taking responsibility for a group, and other topics of that nature. The things he told her made her believe he was preparing her for something, but when she asked about it, all he gave her were vague answers.

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