The Journal of Gwenyth Nightvale Three – Portals

3 - Cover Page ModifiedAs expected, Sandril towered over me. The Altmer mage was handsome—I think most Altmer men are, really—with silvery hair, hazel eyes, and a haughty manner. For all that he was a bit arrogant, he was actually very helpful. He sympathized with Vallanil’s plight and was glad to help his friend, although he let me know in no uncertain terms that it wasn’t an easy task to undertake.

“I hope you understand the difficulty of opening a portal at such a distance,” he complained.

“Well, if you think I’m asking too much—”

“No, no. Besides, you’re not the one asking. Vallanil is.”

“Nice to know you’d be there for me if I came to you for help,” I muttered.

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Dragonborns with Fangs Seven – Blood

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When Selene awoke, she was in a prison cell. There were other cells nearby, but no one was in them. In fact, the block she was in was totally deserted. She reached around to touch the back of her neck, where two evenly spaced—very sore—marks rested. “That bitch,” she muttered. All this time together, searching for clues about vampires, and that damn Redguard was one all along. For all Selene knew, she was the one who had made the sun disappear. The thought so infuriated Selene that it didn’t even occur to her to be afraid. She stood at the bars of her cell and screamed, “Blanche! Get the fuck down here!”

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Dragonborns with Fangs Six – Once Bitten

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Brynjolf and Karliah stood by the font in the Twilight Sepulcher, preparing to summon their Lady Nocturnal. They had already known about the sun’s disappearance before receiving Selene’s letter, but until now, they hadn’t acted on what they had learned. Even after hearing from Selene, Brynjolf was skittish about summoning the Daedric Prince, preferring not to draw attention to himself and the others. He had made his commitment and would honor it, but the thought of lingering as a ghost in the Sepulcher until Nocturnal decided he had fulfilled his contract scared him. There was no set amount of time, just Nocturnal’s whim. What if, when they called on her, she decided to extend the contract as payment for her inconvenience? What if she never let him out of his contract? He would just float around the Sepulcher for all eternity. And if she did end it, what then? He would become nothing more than a shadow. Would he be conscious? Would he know what was happening to him? And would he care?

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The Order of the White Guard is Available!

Front Cover 600 dpi

The second edition of the book I wrote with the hubby, The Order of the White Guard, is now available on Amazon! The paperback is $15.95, and the Kindle version is $2.99. The Kindle version is also available as a free rental for Amazon Prime members. Check it out, and be sure to leave a review!