Dragonborn: The Legacy 24 – Ill News

Chapter 24 - Rowan and Dolff5E 20, 19 Midyear

Although he still mourned his father, Dolff found that being Jarl of Windhelm wasn’t as difficult as he had feared. His days were filled with business, but everyone knew his or her job and was generous with their guidance. For the most part, the prominent citizens of Windhelm, whom he had expected to approach him with demands and unsolicited advice, gave him the time and space he needed to ease into the job. A couple of them came to the Palace of the Kings with such tidings, but Dolff let them know right away and under no uncertain terms that he would not be bullied, and they left him alone.

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Dragonborns with Fangs Three – The Librarian

A/N: Collaboration with digipup.deviantart.com.

Selene sniffed the air, but the wind had turned up, and she couldn’t get a sense of who or what was behind. She decided to do a little recon, but they needed a hiding place first. Looking ahead, she saw the road curved to the left and was obscured by a rocky slope, and she pointed toward it. “Up there.”

When they rounded the bend, she climbed down from her horse. “Go on for a ways and keep Brann with you; just don’t go so fast that I can’t catch you. I’m going to see if I can find out who it is, and then I’ll try to catch up.”

Blanche raised a brow. “Yes, my queen.” She took the colt’s reins and urged her horse onward with a low, “Hyah!”

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Skyrim Tarot – Four of Septims

Septims - 4 - 4The Four of Septims represents greed, possessiveness, miserliness, and mistrust. It also suggests an emotional black hole, imbalance, desperation. Someone who is so afraid of losing what they have, they hold it too closely.

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