Birthday Art for Me

I’ve made lots of good friends in the fourteen or fifteen months since I started playing Skyrim, posting fanfiction, and creating my tarot cards. But I never imagined somebody would actually make fan art for me. Today is my birthday, and a couple of my friends on deviantART created artwork for me. I appreciate it so much and wanted to share.

This beautiful pic of Selene, Brynjolf, and baby Rowan is by Nikki, one of my best Skyrim buddies:

selene__brynjolf__and_rowan_by_nicky_nightmare-d6pkv2e Continue reading

My First Fan Art!

This is STORMBLADE by PallyGecko on deviantART. I’ve never had fan art done for me before, and I’m very excited! Check out the original deviation here: and his main dA page here: