Dragonborn: The Legacy 32 – Explosions

Chapter 32 - Rowan et al 25E 20, 8 Last Seed

Rowan and Dolff took a few days to enjoy being married, and though she dreaded the coming journey, she was happier than she had ever been. Farkas and Vilkas took some time to get reacquainted before Vilkas and Athis returned to Jorrvaskr, with the promise that they would stay in touch. Ben spent his time working on extra magic protection gear for himself and the other Dragonborns, especially for fire, in anticipation of whatever assault the Coat of Storms might throw at them.

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Dragonborn: The Legacy 22 – Vigil

Chapter 22 - Castle Volkihar5E 20, 6 Midyear

Serana stood over Vingalmo, who knelt in the prison cell with hands bound tightly behind his back, impatiently willing him to answer her questions. She had waited for days while he had lain unconscious, wondering if he would ever even recover from the trauma of a trip to Coldharbour. And now that he was finally awake, he wasn’t cooperating. Orthjolf stood by, his hands balled into fists, just itching for the chance to hurt the Altmer.

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Dragonborn: The Legacy 20 – Second Thoughts

Chapter 20 - Palace of the Kings5E 20, 31 Second Seed

Standing in the great hall of the Palace of the Kings with Rowan and Ben, Dolff gaped at his father in shock. Ulfric had aged fifteen years, practically overnight. His hair, which had been silvery and shiny, was now a dull, creamy white. His skin was ashen and grayish, and the lines and age spots on his face were much more pronounced. He had lost weight, and his flesh seemed hang off his bones. Even his eyes, which had always glimmered with spirit and intelligence, were milky and dim, peering back as if he didn’t recognize him. The Jagged Crown didn’t so much rest on his head as grip it in a stranglehold.

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Skyrim Tarot – Two of Cups

Cups - 2 REVISEDThe Two of Cups is a card of friendship, partnership, and harmony—with each other, with oneself, and with all of nature. It represents two opposing forces uniting to make a glorious whole. It could mean romantic love, marriage, or a group of like-minded individuals.

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The Dragonborn’s Tale 21 – A Good Fight

Chapter 21 - Selene, Ralof, and Brynjolf with Dragon

Selene awoke with a small bouquet of wildflowers in her hand, and she smiled and held them close to her heart. If not for the occasional gifties from Kynareth’s world, she might have thought the visits were only dreams. But as she placed the flowers on the nightstand and felt the light fluttering in her belly, she realized it was no dream. It was real, and so were the baby’s movements.

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