Dragonborn: The Legacy Eleven – Artifacts

Chapter 11 - Rowan, Dolff, and Curalmil5E 19, 18 Frostfall

The location Quintus had marked on the map appeared to be a cave, but several Nordic burial urns and vases littered the area by the entrance. Rowan checked the urns, but as expected, they were empty. They found a chest in a cart just inside and looted it for a gem and a handful of gold pieces. Farther in, they encountered a frost troll.

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Dragonborn: The Legacy Ten – Busted

Chapter 10 - Rowan and Dolff with Troll

Warning: Sexual situations; not suitable for children.

5E 19, 14 Frostfall

The cat was out of the bag, and Dagur Ice-Shield was no more. A resident of Windhelm had visited Whiterun and recognized Dolff, and he had not been subtle about it. Within fifteen minutes of the meeting, everyone in the Plains District knew who he was, and half a day later, all of Whiterun knew.

Dolff was not happy.

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