Dragonborn: The Legacy Three – Vilkas’s Dastardly Scheme

Chapter 3 - Jorrvaskr5E 19, 18 Second Seed

After the trip to Ansilvund, Vilkas started assigning Rowan more jobs, and before long, she was just as productive as the rest of the Companions. She still had trouble with the sword, but she didn’t let that stop her if she needed to use it. She did everything she could to avoid using it and improvised when she had to, but she did it, and Dagur could no longer say she wasn’t pulling her weight. That still didn’t mean they got along. He was always berating her for something or another, and she finally got tired of it and started defending herself.

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Skyrim Tarot – Three of Cups

Cups - 3 REVISEDThe Three of Cups indicates victory, abundance, and good fortune. It is a card of family, friends, and community, celebration and mutual support.

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