Soulless Three – The Soulburst

Ch 3 - Amelia and the ProphetA/N: Sexual content. Not safe for work and not appropriate for children.

“Vestige, it’s time we meet. Come to the Harborage, a cave east of Daggerfall.”

The Prophet’s voice in Amelia’s head woke her from a peaceful sleep, and she groaned. “Do we have to meet now?”

“What was that?” Aresin mumbled, throwing an arm over her.

“Nothing. Go back to sleep.”

He snuggled closer and kissed her neck. “I’m awake now.”


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Soulless One – Death and Life

Ch 1 - AmeliaAbject terror. That was the first and last thing she remembered. She had been taken out of her bedroll by several masked thugs and rendered unconscious with some kind of spell. When she awoke, she was bound on an altar and a high elf was standing over with a blade, chanting. She didn’t even have time to scream before the blade came down and pierced her heart. One single moment of mind-blowing pain, and she felt nothing else.

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