A Nightingale’s Tale Eight – A Chance Arrangement

Chapter 8 - Selene and Brynjolf in bed

A/N: Sexual situations – not safe for work.

Selene arrived at Whiterun’s stables five days later. On foot. Still carrying the huge sack of gold. Exhausted. Incredibly cranky. The gods-damned horse had succumbed on the first day when bandits had attacked. Selene had slaughtered every last one of the bandits but not before they killed her horse. Had the gold been hers alone, she would have abandoned it, but no way in Oblivion was she going to let Mercer Frey lord something like that over her. Thus, she carried it, her mood growing fouler with every step. The only other encounter she’d had on the trip was a dragon, and he hadn’t lasted past the first howl. She had nocked her arrow, cursed at it, and shot it in the eye. One dead dragon, no waiting. She hadn’t even bothered to loot it or take a bone and scale. Another twenty-five pounds was definitely not what she needed at the moment.

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An Orphan’s Tale – Epilogue

Epilogue - Vilkas and Selene

Selene puttered through Breezehome several times, picking through her things and trying to figure out what to take with her. This wasn’t simple mission or quest; she was leaving on a semi-permanent basis. Packing light wasn’t an option. She was thinking of buying a horse, but it would be inconvenient, having to go out of her way to tie it up at a stable or a charitable farmer’s house when she needed to go into the wilderness or a crypt. Then there was Liska. She couldn’t just let her follow along, and the logistics of a fox riding on horseback made her head spin.

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An Orphan’s Tale Ten – Pilgrimage

Chapter 10 - High Hrothgar

Lydia came back a few minutes after Vilkas had left and knelt by Selene. “By the eight, what happened?”

“Lydia, could you take some fresh water up to my room for me?”

“Did Vilkas do that to your face?”

“I really don’t want to talk about it.”

“As you wish, my Thane.”

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An Orphan’s Tale Two – Dragonborn

Chapter 2 - Western Watchtower Dragon

When Selene awoke, she had company. A fox crouched between two of the bushes surrounding her, her ears perked and her black eyes watching warily.

“Hi, little lady,” Selene cooed. “Did I take your home? I’m sorry.” She dug in her pack and pulled out a piece of dried meat, which she held out to the little vixen. “You hungry? How about a bite?”

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