The Dragonborn’s Tale 20 – Miscarriage

Chapter 20 - Selene and BrynjolfThe torture seemed to last forever, and Selene finally blacked out. She woke up lying on the floor in Miraak’s temple with her head in Brynjolf’s lap. The pain in her abdomen wasn’t as bad, but there was definite cramping, and her back hurt. It also felt like she was lying in water.

But it wasn’t water, and she knew it without even having to look down. It was blood. She reached up, wrapped her arms around Brynjolf’s neck, and began to cry. “Bryn, I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have gone.”

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28DCD Challenge – Day Six

2/6/13: Religion and/or Spirituality

Selene worships Kynareth, goddess of wind and rain. Being homeless, she grew up mostly outdoors, and she loves all types of weather. She doesn’t even mind the harsh cold of Skyrim, unless she has to walk across icebergs to get to some remote island in the Sea of Ghosts. Falling into freezing water is not fun. Kynareth has made it very clear to Selene that she was chosen as Dragonborn, and she shows herself every once in a while in dreams or as a soft breeze on Selene’s shoulder. Although Kynareth is her patron, she also shows quite a bit of loyalty to Akatosh and Talos.

As a werewolf, Selene is also bound to Hircine; as a Nightingale, she’s bound to Nocturnal. The two daedric princes have been warned, however, that concessions must be made for the Dragonborn. What that means exactly, other than the fact that she is allowed to divide her loyalties, Selene has yet to find out. Only her death will resolve the question, so she’s not in any hurry.

Eleven – Communion with Kyne

Chapter 11 - Whiterun from High Hrothgar

The door was lighter than expected and swung open easily, and Selene stepped inside, Liska slipping in past her feet. The entryway opened onto a small gathering space dominated by even more steps, which led to an altar and then on to a mezzanine level. Many candles lit the hall, and the air was pleasantly warm. The air of peace and calm was evident right away, and Selene instantly felt relaxed and reassured.

After she had taken only a few steps, four heavily robed monks entered the hall, two by the stairs and two from the corridors emanating from it. One of the monks who came down the stairs approached and stopped before her.

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