Jesus Had a Man Bun.


I saw Jesus Christ Superstar Friday night, for the fifth or sixth time, with my daughter. It was a really great production.

A few details:

There is a line in “This Jesus Must Die” that says Jesus is cool. He certainly was here. He sported said man bun and played the guitar, and, honestly, he was pretty damn hot. Then again, most of them were hot. My daughter whispered, “I don’t know about you, but these guys are really doing it for me!”

In further news, Pilate did a mic drop, Herod looked like Eddie Izzard in drag, and they flogged Jesus with glitter. And it was still painful to watch. We had a very happy moment when Jesus and the Twelve (and Mary Magdalene) sat down for the Last Supper in the exact pose as Da Vinci’s painting. It was a work of art (see what I did there?)

There was this one woman whose only role in the show was to dance really weirdly. Not sure what was up with her.

Jesus Christ Superstar with Aspen