Lady Marie Gawadunen

This is my current OC in Elder Scrolls Online, Marie. She’s a vampire in House Gawad Du, a noble Breton House in the Daggerfall Covenant. She didn’t start out to be a tragic character, but she has turned into one, having lost everyone she loved within the space of a week. Hopefully her life will be happier soon. Characters and settings © 2014 Zenimax Online Systems

Marie Screenshot Painting

Stormbringer Manor, First Floor

The first floor of this lush castle features an expansive great hall, a library, a couple of sitting areas, and a shrine to the house’s patron goddess, Dibella. Here is an aerial view.
1st Floor Furnished - Aerial Shot 2


A closer shot of the great hall and dining area, featuring a two-way
fireplace between the two. The dining room
has large double doors that open out onto the patio.
1st Floor Furnished - Great Hall and Dining

This is the kitchen, which features two stoves, large preparation area,
wine, ale and mead access, and a door out onto
the patio so servers can reach the party quickly.
1st Floor Furnished - Kitchen

Here is the shrine to Dibella, featuring some artwork depicting
Rivenspire locations and a large statue of the goddess, which
Amelia obtained from Rivenspire’s High Priestess, Isabelle Chevalier.
1st Floor Furnished - Shrine to Dibella

The library and office, containing two ornate desks imported
from Stros M’Kai and hundreds of books, comprising only
a portion of Vallanil’s collection. A door leads out to the patio.
1st Floor Furnished - Library 2

1st Floor Furnished - Library 3

The patio, which spans the length of the back of the castle.
Two firepits keep revelers warm, and breaks in the
wall lead out to the gardens and paths around the manor.
1st Floor Furnished - Patio and Gardens 2

1st Floor Furnished - Patio and Gardens 3