The Dragonborn’s Tale 25 – Nchardak

Chapter 25 - Selene, Brynjolf, and Neloth at Nchardak 2Nchardak was a huge dwarven ruin about a mile north of Tel Mithryn. It was just offshore and reachable by a wide bridge. Ramps wound around the five exterior towers and led to the main tower in the back. The once-magnificent stone and bronze structures were crumbling beneath their feet after several eruptions of the Red Mountain and centuries of being battered by the sea. As they crossed the bridge, they were attacked by bandits.

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The Dragonborn’s Tale 18 – Into Darkness (Updated)

A/N: A friend on deviantART mentioned that my Lurker died a bit too easily, so I did some research, and boy was he right! I’ve redone the fight scene with the Lurker to make it a bit more realistic.

Chapter 18 - Bloodskal Barrow

Selene and Brynjolf spent the morning in Raven Rock, getting to know the vendors and some of the other townspeople, most of them Dunmer. Although getting to Miraak’s temple was urgent, they weren’t ready to rush right in, either. They wanted to ask some more questions and basically get a feel for the island before venturing off into uncharted territory. As expected, everyone they spoke to had the same reaction as Glover and Adril when asked about Miraak, although some did mention the temple at the center of the island.

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