Skyrim Tarot – Two of Cups

Cups - 2 REVISEDThe Two of Cups is a card of friendship, partnership, and harmony—with each other, with oneself, and with all of nature. It represents two opposing forces uniting to make a glorious whole. It could mean romantic love, marriage, or a group of like-minded individuals.

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An Operative’s Tale Six – The Caregiver

Chapter 6 - Selene and Hadvar

A courier came the next day with a satchel of intelligence reports. A couple of Ulfric’s other operatives had infiltrated Understone Keep in Markarth and one of the Imperial camps, and they had obtained loads of secret information. Selene’s job over the next fortnight was to cull through the pages, summarize, and figure out a way to use the data to their advantage. Unfortunately there wasn’t much in the way of useful information because most of the plans and schedules were out of date. After listening to an angry tirade from Ulfric about the speed—or lack thereof—of correspondence from The Reach, Selene found two items that were not time sensitive. Buried amid a long list of notes the spy had written about miscellaneous goings on in Understone Keep was a note questioning the loyalties of Raerek, the jarl’s steward. Though he was unfailingly loyal to Jarl Igmund, who was his nephew, there were hints that Raerek secretly worshiped Talos.

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