An Operative’s Tale Three – The Crown

Chapter 3 - Selene and Ulfric

Galmar Stone-Fist’s big test was to bring him some ice wraith teeth. It wouldn’t have been a problem at all if not for the fact that the wraith whose teeth he wanted resided at Serpentstone Island northeast of Winterhold.  Liska followed her part of the way but stopped at the point where the forest ended and the endless plains of snow began. She sat underneath a pine tree and regarded Selene with trusting eyes, and Selene sighed sadly. “I know it’s not safe for you to come any farther, but how will I find you when I come back?” Liska gekkered in response, and she knelt and scratched the fox behind the ears. “Take care of yourself, little one.” With a tear in her eye, she turned and continued her trip north.

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An Operative’s Tale Two – Ulfric

Chapter 2 - Ulfric

Selene bought a tankard of warm mead from Wilhelm and then went to her room, changed out of her armor into a nightdress and curled up on the bed with Liska and a book she had borrowed from the Graybeards. After reading the same page five times and still not remembering what she had read, she laid the book down.

“Ulfric Stormcloak!” she whispered excitedly to Liska. “He’s part of the reason I came back to Skyrim. And he wants to see me! I mean, he obviously went out of his way to find me. Or he just figured it out when the Graybeards spoke to me. I’m sure in Morrowind, some Dunmer looked up and said, ‘What was that?’ But by the Eight, Liska, what could Ulfric possibly want with me?”

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