Flesh Atronach – Magic: the Gathering, ESO Style

Flesh AtronachFlesh Atronachs are big and scary, but they’re not very hard to kill.

Collaboration with the hubby
Photomanipulation by me
Screenshots © 2014 Zenimax Online Studios
Card created at www.mtgcardsmith.com

Dragonborn: The Legacy 26 – Coldharbour

Chapter 26 - ColdharbourThe small glimpse of Coldharbour that Rowan and Ben had gotten through the portal had done little to prepare them for walking into it. It was an assault on the senses from the very beginning, and Rowan realized right away that being a vampire was going to be a great help. It was bitterly cold, more so than the harshest of Skyrim winters. The stench was oppressive, and even though a layer of white snow covered the ground, shadow still dominated over light. Being immune to the cold, not needing to breathe, and having excellent night vision came in very handy. The worst thing, though, was the sound of constant screaming that resonated through the air from all directions. Rowan’s vampiric senses could do nothing to filter that sound out.

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