An Orphan’s Tale Two – Dragonborn

Chapter 2 - Western Watchtower Dragon

When Selene awoke, she had company. A fox crouched between two of the bushes surrounding her, her ears perked and her black eyes watching warily.

“Hi, little lady,” Selene cooed. “Did I take your home? I’m sorry.” She dug in her pack and pulled out a piece of dried meat, which she held out to the little vixen. “You hungry? How about a bite?”

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An Orphan’s Tale One – Dilly

Chapter 1 - Dragonsreach

“It’s been a dilly of a day.” Selene could still hear Ben say it. She wasn’t sure what a dilly was, but she guessed today was just that. The day had taken one hairpin turn after another until she was afraid to wonder what was next.

Selene didn’t believe much in luck. She believed a person dealt with what the Divines gave her the best she could. Things happened that one couldn’t always explain, but that wasn’t luck. That was just the gods messing with your head. Ben had believed in luck, and they had argued about it more than most anything else. She wondered what he’d say about her luck today. She could almost hear him as he would have recounted the day’s events.

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