Review of ESO Beta Weekend

Welp, I spent my weekend sitting at my computer next to the hubby for hours on end and screwed up my sleep, eating, and med schedule to play a stupid online RPG. Was it worth it? Yep, every minute.

DISCLAIMER: I’ve put in a lot of comparisons to Skyrim because that is the game that is freshest in my mind and my biggest frame of reference. Don’t judge me.

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ESO Beta, Day One

Yep, I’m addicted. You can’t play with an Xbox controller, so there was a learning curve to playing with the mouse and keyboard, but once I got the hang of it, the game is just so awesome. I was able to “tune out” most of the other players running around, at least for the most part. And one of them actually just walked up and gave me a better bow. Thanks to my friend Nikki for crafting me some decent armor.

I started out playing a Nord, but I plan on switching to a Bosmer later today just to try it out and see the Summerset Isles. One thing I will say is that it’s awfully chaotic. There is so much going on, and it’s kind of hard to find my way around a lot of the time. Of course, that’s a learning curve too, and it will get better with experience. Being late in the testing process, it’s not as buggy as I expected. The worst thing was that the bug report screen stopped working and I couldn’t report the bugs I did find! Stoopid game.

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