The Dragonborn’s Tale 15 – Justice

Chapter 15 - Selene and Ulfric

Solitude was…crowded. Ralof had done his job, though, and they got Ulfric from the Palace of the Kings to the Blue Palace without incident. They arrived the day before the Moot, just ahead of Laila Law-Giver, who was last. Jarl Elisif put most of her guests up in the palace, but Selene and Brynjolf chose to stay at Proudspire Manor, where they were more comfortable. Besides, they had guests of their own. Half the Thieves Guild had turned up to reap the bounty afforded by all those wealthy people congregating for the coronation, which was to be held the day after the Moot. Selene also had a special project in mind for the Guild.

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The Dragonborn’s Tale 4 – Soiree

Chapter 4 - Selene and Elisif

Selene and Brynjolf arrived at the Sleeping Giant Inn only minutes after Delphine, who was standing at the door, peering down the street and scanning the woods across the river. “I don’t believe either of us was followed,” she told them, waving them inside. She nodded at Orgnar and proceeded through her room and downstairs to her secret chamber. “Any luck with Ulfric Stormcloak?”

“He has a man in Solitude,” Selene replied, “but they don’t actually have anybody at the Embassy. I’m sure you’ve heard about the Emperor by now.”

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