An Operative’s Tale One – Summons

Chapter 1 - Ustengrav

The secret to a long life is knowing when it’s time to go, and it was time to go. Whiterun had been Selene’s home for the past year, and in that year she had grown up more than in her last twenty years combined. After spending so much time alone and at odds with the world, the people of Whiterun—especially those at Jorrvaskr—had shown her what it was like to have friends and family. And lovers. But her destiny lay elsewhere, and with a heavy heart she took her pet fox Liska, walked out the gates, and put the city behind her. She’d go back, of course. She owned a house, and as Vilkas had pointed out, she would always be a Companion. When a child leaves her parents’ home, it doesn’t mean she’ll never go back again. But she still has to leave.

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