The Dragonborn’s Tale 7 – Sky Haven Temple

Chapter 7 - Alduin's Wall

Although there was the usual tension between Selene and Delphine, the women behaved themselves for the most part and they arrived at the bridge heading north to the Karthspire without incident. That was as far as they got, though, because a dragon attacked when they were halfway across the bridge. It hovered over them and spat frost while the fighters pelted it with arrows and Esbern lobbed firebolts at it. It swooped away, and they ran for solid ground, ready when it came back. It landed before them, and Brynjolf switched to his sword, but Selene and Delphine still stood back and shot. Esbern conjured a flame atronach, who assisted him with his incendiary assault. Brynjolf took a full blast of frost from the dragon and dropped to the ground. Selene’s heart wrenched, but he called out, “I’m okay,” before she could panic. The dragon took to the air and they aimed their bows again, but they couldn’t get a good shot until it stopped moving. It finally came back, hovered, and set its sights on Brynjolf, who was just getting to his feet.

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The Dragonborn’s Tale 6 – Esbern

Chapter 6 - Selene, Brynjolf, Delphine, and Esbern

Although Etienne did his best to keep up, he slowed the group down and they didn’t arrive in Riverwood for nearly a week. Selene and Brynjolf didn’t mind, but Delphine was put out. When they entered the inn, she stood with arms folded, glaring at them.

“I was beginning to think you weren’t coming back,” she scolded them.

Brynjolf nodded toward Etienne. “We had an injured man,” he replied unapologetically.

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The Dragonborn’s Tale 4 – Soiree

Chapter 4 - Selene and Elisif

Selene and Brynjolf arrived at the Sleeping Giant Inn only minutes after Delphine, who was standing at the door, peering down the street and scanning the woods across the river. “I don’t believe either of us was followed,” she told them, waving them inside. She nodded at Orgnar and proceeded through her room and downstairs to her secret chamber. “Any luck with Ulfric Stormcloak?”

“He has a man in Solitude,” Selene replied, “but they don’t actually have anybody at the Embassy. I’m sure you’ve heard about the Emperor by now.”

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The Dragonborn’s Tale 3 – Dragonslayer

Chapter 3 - Selene, Brynjolf, and Alduin

Selene and Delphine were like oil and water. They didn’t agree on anything, and they spent a lot of time bickering. Poor Brynjolf ran interference as best he could, and Selene felt bad for putting him through it all; but she simply couldn’t stand the woman, and she couldn’t bring herself to be civil. She had to admit Delphine was a good fighter, though. They were attacked by a group of bandits just northeast of Whiterun, and the older woman really held her own. Brynjolf was the shining star in that battle, single-handedly putting away three of the brigands.

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The Dragonborn’s Tale Two – The Innkeeper

Chapter 2 - Selene, Brynjolf and Delphine 3A/N: Sexual situations. Not safe for work or young children.

It was just past midnight when Selene and her friends arrived in Riften. She accompanied the others to the Ragged Flagon, figuring Brynjolf would still be there, but Vekel said he’d gone home. She left the tavern and made her way out of the Ratway and through town. She was cold, tired and grungy, and her muscles were complaining with every step, begging her to get some rest. But more than anything, she wanted to see her husband. Outside Honeyside, she nodded to a guard, then unlocked the door and let herself in. The fire had been banked and the house was warm, a welcome relief from the frigid night air.

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