Skyrim Tarot – Seven of Staves

Staves - 7The Seven of Staves represents competition, courage, and strength of character. Valor and determination are needed to achieve a goal. The seeker is encouraged to be assertive and stand up for what he or she believes in.

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Dragonborns with Fangs Eleven – Free for All

“I’ve got these guys,” Selene told Blanche, sensing a drastic change in her scent. “You take care of her. Mul qah diiv!” She was instantly covered in orange and blue light that took the form of dragon scale armor around her body, and she drew another arrow and waited for the next group to come out of the dorm.

Five of them filed out, and Selene shot the first one as she tried to ignore the urgent, low tone of Blanche’s voice behind her as she poured out a flurry of words.  But the scent of the dark-haired woman she spoke to was off, and she wrinkled her brow. “Hey, is she a—what on Nirn is she doing with the Dawnguard?”

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Dragonborns with Fangs Ten – Let the Games Begin

Selene picked up the horses from Hofgrir while Blanche kept back in the shadows, and then they set out for Dayspring Canyon. “I think Valindor didn’t like me much when we first got there,” she mentioned as they rode. “But after he found I could hold my blood potions, he warmed up to me. Is he head over heels for you, or is it a thrall situation?”

“Oh, he’s no thrall. I am responsible for . . . his condition, and I believe he feels indebted to me for that. And between you and me, he’s pretty upbeat about most things.” She gave a quick laugh. “He’s enthusiastic about what he does, isn’t he? He likes when he makes others happy, especially through his craft. Funny creature.”

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Dragonborns with Fangs 9 – Preparation for War

Selene and Blanche stopped at Oengul’s forge and restocked their arrows, then went into the White Phial for some potions. Most of the vendors’ stalls were still closed, but the women were able to get some mead, cheese, and dried meat from Niranye before heading out of town. Selene borrowed Brann again, and they were on their way.

They rode hard for a while, but as they reached the north end of the Aalto, Selene slowed up and turned to Blanche. “Listen, I’m sorry for what Ulfric did.” Blanche raised the eyebrow at her, and she added, “I know he’s not my responsibility, but I still feel I need to apologize for him.” She breathed a heavy sigh. “You want to know a secret? I’m so mad at him that I could Shout him across the room, but on some level I still love the man. Don’t get me wrong—I worship the ground Brynjolf walks on, and I’m happier than I’ve ever been—but Ulfric is the kind of man who stays with you. For good or for bad, really.”

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Dragonborns with Fangs Eight – Fallout

Selene didn’t have much to say as she and Blanche started back across Skyrim. After a while, Blanche broke the silence. “If you’d still like to give me a good backhand, I’ll oblige.”

Selene looked down at her gloved hand and chuckled. “If you’d said that six hours ago, I might have done it. But I find I don’t really want to hit you. Besides, they say if you spank a child, the punishment is over quickly and it doesn’t really sink in. I’d rather just let you know how disappointed I am in you.”

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