Lady of Storms 6 – Two Men

Amelia and Vallanil Fighting WerewolfWhen Amelia approached the camp, it was all she could do not to turn and flee. A large number of Lion Guard soldiers stood outside, and by the gate stood him—her father—along with a soldier whose armor suggested he was a Lion Guard officer, and a robed mage, an Altmer who towered over all the Bretons and looked out of place. But she didn’t run away. She had meant it when she had told Chamberlain Weller she was no longer afraid of the man. She refused to let him intimidate her ever again.

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Darien Gautier – Magic: the Gathering, ESO Style

Darien Gautier


This is a mysterious guy. On the surface, he seems like a regular, horny guy, if quite gifted with a sword. But he is immune to vampire bites, werewolf scratches, poison mist, and he has prophetic nightmares. Then he just disappears when the world starts to end. Stud muffin or sleeze-bag, soldier or prophet, or something else.  We may never know.

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