Flame Atronach – Magic: the Gathering, ESO Style

Flame Atronach

They’re pretty and they’re graceful, turning somersaults in the air, but they’re just as dangerous as the other daedra, with a keen eye and devastating fireballs.

Collaboration with the hubby.
Photomanipulation by me.
Screenshots © 2014 Zenimax Online Studios.
Card created at www.mtgcardsmith.com

Frost Atronach – Magic: the Gathering, ESO Style

Frost Atronach

One of the biggest Daedra to deal with in the game, the Frost Atronach is likely to drop in the middle of nowhere from a mini-dolmen like the one in the picture.

Collaboration with the hubby
Photomanipulation by me
Screenshots © 2014 Zenimax Online Studios
Card created at www.mtgcardsmith.com