The Dragonborn’s Tale 24 – The Mushroom

Chapter 24 - Selene and Brynjolf with Black Book

Selene and Brynjolf spent the night in the shelter of Saering’s Watch and went up to Benkongerike the next morning. The map and the pillars leading up to Benkongerike indicated that it was a Nordic ruin, but from the outside, it just looked like a cave. It faced the ocean and afforded a majestic view.

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The Dragonborn’s Tale 18 – Into Darkness (Updated)

A/N: A friend on deviantART mentioned that my Lurker died a bit too easily, so I did some research, and boy was he right! I’ve redone the fight scene with the Lurker to make it a bit more realistic.

Chapter 18 - Bloodskal Barrow

Selene and Brynjolf spent the morning in Raven Rock, getting to know the vendors and some of the other townspeople, most of them Dunmer. Although getting to Miraak’s temple was urgent, they weren’t ready to rush right in, either. They wanted to ask some more questions and basically get a feel for the island before venturing off into uncharted territory. As expected, everyone they spoke to had the same reaction as Glover and Adril when asked about Miraak, although some did mention the temple at the center of the island.

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