For years, I’ve been saying, “I’m kinda half-Christian, half-Pagan. A year or so ago, I got to wondering if that was actually a thing. Christians said no, Pagans said no. But then some Christopagans piped up and said, “Yes, it’s a thing.” So here we are.

The Readers Digest version of my belief system is this: I worship the Holy Trinity, and I believe Mother Mary is the Holy Spirit. My matron deity is Mary Magdalene, and the patron saint of our home is the Archangel Michael. In fact, our youngest son is named after him. I also celebrate Wiccan Sabbats, call the Quarters, and worship the Moon as a goddess. I incorporate both religions into all my rituals.

I have always been curious about other religions, and that has not changed. I love to learn how other people believe, and I love to compare notes if we can both do so without judgment. There will be no judgments here, so don’t judge me. Questions and comments are always welcome. Just be nice, because I will respond in kind.

If anyone is interested, I moderate a subreddit called r/Christopaganism. As of February 2, 2020, we have a whopping two members. Come join us.


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