Featured Artist – Ellysiumn

Ellysiumn is a friend on Deviant Art (Ellysiumn). He’s an amazing photomanipulator, specializing in wallpapers. They’re fantastical with lots of color and contrast, and the pieces speak to me in a way few other artists’ works do. Here are a few of my favorite pieces of his work, but be sure to check out his whole gallery.

Stars Lullaby

Stars Lullaby by Ellysiumn

Red Moon

Red moon by Ellysiumn

Festival of Lights

Festival of lights by Ellysiumn

Fun in the Sea

Fun in the sea by Ellysiumn

Hugging the Moon

Hugging the moon by Ellysiumn

Magical Sunset

Magical sunset by Ellysiumn


Twister by Ellysiumn


Caprices of Nature

Caprices of nature by Ellysiumn

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