Where Are We Going? And What’s With This Handbasket?


Photomanipulation by me.

Thanks to these stock artists, all from DeviantArt:

Handbasket by me

Planet Earth by frozenstocks –  https//www.deviantart.com/frozenstocks/art/UNRESTRICTED-Planet-Earth-PNG-Pack-499387985

Model by tragicstock – https//www.deviantart.com/tragicstock/art/Stock-009-17872983

Model’s Nails by napoleon-stock – https://www.deviantart.com/napoleon-stock/art/more-fingernails-8-24121270

Ed the Vulture by salsolastock – https//www.deviantart.com/salsolastock/art/White-Backed-Vulture-Zip-1-79188877

Millie the Vulture by GRANNYSATTICSTOCK – https//www.deviantart.com/grannysatticstock/art/vulture-87741706

Henge by Arte-de-Junquiero – https//www.deviantart.com/arte-de-junqueiro/art/A-Place-in-the-country-I-255910900 (NOTE: This is NOT stock. The artist was kind enough to let me use his work for this project.)

Castle by CAStock – https//www.deviantart.com/castock/art/Courtyard-grass-125917405

Volcano and Desert by leeor-stock – https//www.deviantart.com/leeorr-stock/art/Volcano-Desert-Stock-504942672

Flame and Lava by sangiev – https//www.deviantart.com/sangiev/art/Stock-Packages-Lava-93585665

Sky by Lormet-Images – https//www.deviantart.com/lormet-images/art/Lormet-Sky-0777-2c-sml-696488494

Gate by blackwover-stock – https//www.deviantart.com/blackwolver-stock/art/Ruins-2-72552579

Road by foxstox – https//www.deviantart.com/foxstox/art/Creepy-Country-Road-276189128

Smoke by tezrin_2

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