Stormbringer Manor Grounds

The front gate, accessed by a path leading up from Rivenspire’s north beach.
Grounds Composite Front Gate


Here are a couple of aerial views of the grounds.
Grounds CompositeGrounds Composite 2

Just inside the gate are three tree-lined paths: one to the stables (not seen here), one to the barracks and back gate, and one to the manor itself.
Grounds Composite Path to Castle


Here is a shot of the stables, which are large enough to house nearly
two dozen horses, along with space for visitors’ mounts as well.
Grounds Composite - Stables



Tiered steps lead to the front door. You can see the gardener’s shack in the background.
Grounds Composite Front Porch




The barracks features a large training ground and a well where
the armsmen can refresh themselves while training.
Grounds Composite Barracks and Training Yard




Here is the back door of the castle with a view of the patio and gardens.The path leads to the back gate, which opens on to a path leading down the hill to a private beach.
Grounds Composite Back Door and Patio




A few shots of the manor’s lush gardens, which feature a rose garden, well, and some of the herbs Vallanil uses for alchemical and magical purposes.


Stormbringer Manor


Garden 2



Invisible from the surface, of course, a secret passage leads from the
basement to a bolt hole on the beach, with another passage leading
beneath the Doomcrag to Ravenwatch Castle.
Grounds Composite - Secret Passage


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