ESO Beta Key and 28-DCD Days 25-28

Bethesda loves me. They’re having another beta weekend, one I can actually participate in, and they gave me extra keys for the hubby and the munchkins. I can’t wait!

I missed yesterday for the 28-DCD, so I decided to just go ahead and finish up the last four days today so I don’t forget again. I’ve really enjoyed doing this, and I hope you guys have enjoyed it too. Here are the final entries for Coranil and Kaaley.

Day 25: Favorites (Food, plants, alchemy ingredients, weapons, types of armor, places to visit, etc.)

Coranil: Favorite food, interestingly enough, is chicken. He doesn’t do much alchemy, but he does know how to make healing, magicka, and invisibility potions, as well as a few poisons. He carries an elven mace, opting for an elven bow and arrows on occasion. His most-used school of magic is Destruction, and he favors fire spells. He also uses Illusion pretty often too and is a master of the Invisibility spell. As a mage, Coranil is more likely to wear mage robes than armor. He does own a set of elven armor but feels it’s ostentatious, so he almost never wears it. He hates Markarth for obvious reasons, but he enjoys visiting Solitude.

Kaaley: Her favorite food is venison, although she won’t turn her nose up at pheasant, either. She knows a lot about herbalism and is a pretty good alchemist. She can make a mean invisibility potion and has torn the wings off of thousands of luna moths. She is an archer, and she uses a glass bow, usually with elven arrows. She also has a set of twin elven daggers for up-close fighting. Although she’s by no means a mage, she does know a handful of Illusion and Restoration spells. She wears specialized leather armor that she confesses probably wouldn’t protect her very well in a pitched battle, but it looks good while still covering some unsightly scarring, so she tries not to get into any pitched battles. She doesn’t have a favorite city, but there are several areas in the wilderness that she enjoys frequenting, whether it’s for the hunting, the hot springs, or just the majestic beauty. She loves to read all kinds of books, both fiction and non-fiction, but her favorite is Immortal Blood.


Day 26: If your character would change one thing about his/herself, what would it be?

Coranil: On first thought, Coranil would say he would change his past; but the more he considered it, he would say no. He is comfortable in his own skin these days and can’t really think of anything he would change. Though he regrets his past, he wouldn’t be who he is today without it.

Kaaley: When Kaaley was held captive by the mage who killed her mate, she sustained extensive scarring to her back, breasts, and abdomen. If she could, she would get rid of the scars. Yes, she knows it’s shallow, but she can be like that.


Day 27: Your character can have a dinner party with anyone from the present game or in Tamriel’s history.  Who do they invite? Feel free also to include any gods from any pantheon, characters from other stories, or anything you think would fit your particular character.

Coranil: He would obviously invite Ulfric Stormcloak, but Coranil would also like to have a conversation with Talos, one that he knows is real and not from a dream. He would also invite Selene Stormblade. They are acquainted, but he would love to have the time to sit down and really get to know her better and hear her stories.

Kaaley: If Kaaley could invite anyone she wanted, she would invite the Nine Divines and the Daedric Princes just to get them all in the same room and see what would happen. She realizes it’s probably not the best idea and could be very dangerous, but since it’s not really going to happen anyway, she can use her imagination. She would love to see what kind of shenanigans Sanguine and Dibella would get up to.


Day 28: Relationship with creator.   How do you feel about your character?  What do you like? Dislike?   Imagine how your character feels about you.

Coranil: I love Coranil. I’ve been wanting to do something with Ondolemar for a long time because not only do I like him personally, but he seems to be a popular character among the fanfic crowd. However, I had no idea when I started Dragonborn: The Legacy that I was going to grow so fond of him, or that my readers would. As for how he feels about me, I would imagine he’s kind of put out with me. I’ve tortured him, had him lose at romance, and had been planning on killing him. He’s probably happier with :devwilvarin-chan: than he is with me at the moment because she saved his life and arranged for him to fall in love for the first time.

Kaaley: Kaaley and I are still getting to know each other, but I’m really starting to adore her. She has so much spirit, and while she can be a wild child, she’s turning out to have a bigger heart than I originally thought. I see a lot of myself in her, at least when I was younger and still clubbing and doing things like going bungee jumping, stealing shot glasses from bars, and telling rude people to go fuck themselves. I think Kaaley would like me and would be grateful to me for giving her life and love, but she would think I need to get out more. She would say I need to get my groove back.

8 thoughts on “ESO Beta Key and 28-DCD Days 25-28

  1. Damn, no beta for me….guess I’ll have to take it out on Zander…

    Final Thoughts:

    I have to admit you have made it very hard for me to vilify Ondolemar / Coranil but unless I figure out something differently I am just going to have to do it and just feel badly for doing so.

    Also ZOMG Kaaley is awesomesause on an awesome burger! Seriously, why couldn’t Bethesda put in npc’s like her?


  2. That’s too bad about the beta key. I wish they would just let everybody who wants to try it out play a limited piece of the game instead of having to be invited.

    Does Zander worship Talos? If he doesn’t, he shouldn’t have any trouble with Ondolemar. While I wouldn’t characterize vanilla Ondolemar as good or even sympathetic, he is friendlier than the other Thalmor you meet in the game. There is some evidence in some of the in-game dialog that he’s disillusioned with the Thalmor and his job, so you might be able to work that in somehow.

    LOL, I’m glad you like Kaaley so much! I don’t know; they have all other different personality types in Skyrim. You’d think they could have made at least one character with that much spirit.


    • Remember that a beta is not a free trial. If you see a bug, you report it, no matter what you’re doing. All those little things you either hate or love, you give them your feedback. And be sure to fill out the survey after. I treat it like a bug-testing job that happens to involve an awesome game. Also, I signed up last…fall? Late summer? It was at least a couple mos before my first go.

      This just reminded me to update the software before the servers go crazy tomorrow. 😛


      • I do see your point and agree, but I see it as sort of a free trial too. I’ll help them pick up bugs and such, but I’ll still have the opportunity to try it out and get a feel for whether I think it will be worth the money.


        • Well, whatever else you consider it for your purposes, the company is doing it for bug testing. I’m just pointing out why it isn’t open to everyone, and what they’re looking for in a beta tester if someone wanted to get involved in these things. Y’know, tell them what they want to hear so they’ll pick you in the future, that kind of thing.

          And believe it or not, there are far too many people in the beta that complain about bugs as if they think they really ARE in a free trial rather than a TEST. Just don’t be upset when you encounter major bugs that block quest lines, or invisible walls blocking you from sections of the map, etc. I’m worried you’ll be terribly disappointed if you look at it as a finished game that you’re trying out. (However, at least it has improved every time, IMO.) Just keep in mind that it may and probably will change before release. And it’s really great to get the chance to tell them what you think and influence how it turns out! 😀


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