28-DCD Days 23 and 24

Day 23: What is your character’s alignment? Yeah…that alignment.  We’re all nerds.   There are online quizzes and everything.

Coranil is true neutral, leaning toward good. Kaaley is chaotic neutral, with good tendencies.


Day 24: Everyday shit (What does a day-in-the life look like? What does their living space look like?  What does their wardrobe consist of?   How do you account for things like bathing in your headcanon?  What sorts of things have you added to the world to make it more interesting, this can be mods or just imaginings–depending if you are role playing or doing a fiction)

I played in a Vampire: The Masquerade campaign once where I (and all of the other players) had to roll a die to climb a three-rung ladder, something that pretty much any able-bodied vampire would be able to do and shouldn’t have to roll for. I blew the roll, fell off the ladder and died (VERY bad GM in my opinion, but that’s a story for another time). I don’t have the patience for that crap. Thus, I tend to ignore things like unwanted pregnancy, basic hygiene needs, and any minor detail that doesn’t add to the story and only makes things more complicated. I may mention that a character takes a bath, but little things like hauling water from the well and heating it, or stuff like chamber pots, tooth brushing, and the need to step around horse poop on the road usually aren’t worth the time it takes to write them. That being said:

Coranil: In-game and for screenshots, I use a mod called Companion Ondolemar, which inserts a copy of Ondolemar into the game. He doesn’t have Ondolemar’s sweet accent (he sounds like Amren instead) and his ID tag is in Russian so it shows up as gibberish, but other than that, he’s an exact copy of the one in Markarth, except that he doesn’t die when the Stormcloaks sack the city and he’s eligible as a follower and I think for marriage. When he’s not adventuring with me or posing for screenshots, he hangs out at the Bannered Mare.

In the story: When he first moved to Whiterun, he rented a room with Heimskr. A few years ago, Coranil purchased Whiterun’s General Goods Store from a retiring Belethor, and he lives and works there when he’s not doing missions for the High King. He tends to wear tunics and trousers or mage robes, and he has a nice collection of neutral/dark clothing with sneaking and magic enchantments for when he’s working. Although he’s an operative first and foremost, he actually does enjoy running the General Goods Store and interacting with travelers and the citizens of Whiterun. He carries a lot of guilt for the things he did during his time with the Thalmor, and he does what he can to make up for that, even little things like giving Brenuin free food, assisting Sigurd with repairs around town, and occasionally caring for the aging Heimskr. Although he doesn’t mind a tankard of mead, he would rather drink wine. He’s not a picky eater and will eat pretty much anything you put in front of him. When he fights, he uses an elven mace and destruction magic, although he’s become fairly adept in the illusion and restoration schools as well. He reads in his free time and has a large collection of books of all types.


Kaaley: In-game and for screenshots, I use the SR Elf Followers mod. I don’t think she’s actually an elf in this mod; it’s more like she’s a Nord with elf ears. But vanilla elves in Skyrim are just not attractive for the most part, and she was the prettiest mod elf I could find. She hangs out at the Drunken Huntsman when I don’t need her.

In my fanfic, until recently when she moved to Whiterun to help Coranil, Kaaley made her home in a riverside shack in Eastmarch. She is now living at the Drunken Huntsman and is an active member of a discreet hunters’ guild. She hunts with Elrindir or Anoriath nearly every day, although her main job is working as one of the High King’s in-town operatives. She is fairly vain, and although her clothing is comfortable and enchanted to help her sneak, it’s usually sexy as well, and she takes meticulous care of her silvery hair. Although she’s a big meat eater like most of her fellow Bosmer, she doesn’t mind having sweets or veggies now and then. She used to be an active member of the Thieves Guild, and she still counts herself among the best thieves in Tamriel. If she’s not hunting or stealing, she’s doing some sort of research, even if she doesn’t have a job for the Crown. She’s curious by nature and loves to learn. One reason she breaks into Coranil’s shop so often is because he has all the best research materials. She’s an archer and carries a glass bow and elven arrows, although she also wields twin daggers. She knows enough restoration magic to heal herself and any companions she’s traveling or fighting with, and she’ pretty adept at illusion spells.

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